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Celebrating the ladies of Hip-Hop
Bgirls Do It Better is dedicated to all women in Hip-Hop

As we know, breakdance is a predominantly male sport and you can claim something similar for other elements in Hip-Hop. Bgirls Do It Better is because of that dedicated particularly to the development of the female participation in Hip-Hop culture and it’s the first event of its kind in Slovenia.

We were happy to notice that the activity of women in breakdance, DJing, graffiti and rap in Slovenian Hip-Hop scene rose as a consequence of this event and other workshops we organised in the ‘women in Hip-Hop’ frame. With this, the purpose of BDIB was fulfilled.

Nonetheless, this is not the end and we would like the growth to continue, so we decided to organise BDIB annually. It’s important to emphasize that the visitors and competitors felt the event was made in a good spirit and with positive energy, which is the essential ingredient of ŠKD GOR’s vision.

"Had such a good time throughout the whole trip. Nice exchange in every level! Inspired by many cool people!"

- B-girl Ramona, Finland -

Bgirls Do It Better III event recap by Bajta NiceTree.


Our journey so far

The first ‘Bgirls do it Better‘ event was a result of a collaboration between Urban Roof sports centre and the Sports and Cultural Association GOR and was held on the International Women’s Day, the 8th of March 2014.

Before the main event, people could attend three workshops: Popping with Mirta from Croatia and two different breakdance workshops with bgirl Dora from Hungary and bgirl AT from Finland. As it was an international breakdance competition with the emphasis on girls in Hip-Hop culture, they were both in charge of the event and the main competitors in the evening’s  battles. They could battle each other either 1 on 1 or in the ‘Bonnie&Clyde’ category – that is when the girls could pick a boy on the spot and then competed in pairs.

The judges were internationally recognised dancers Zofia Rojkowicz-Kulewicz (bgirl Zofia) from Poland, Dora Aitner (bgirl Dora) from Hungary and Katarina Shoaib (bgirl Tamala) from Slovenia.  Anniina Tikka (DJ AT) from Finland – took care of the music while Alma from Slovenia was hosting the event in both Slovenian and English language. The visitors and competitors came from all over Slovenia and Europe; from Croatia and Serbia to Poland, Finland, Hungary and France.

The second edition of BDIB, in 2015, was held in the Youth centre Jedro in Medvode. This time, the judges were Ramona Panula (bgirl Ramona) from Finland and Krisztina Gáspár (bgirl Rambo) from Hungary, DJ KCL from Denmark was in charge of the music. Again, people came from all over Europe – Croatia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Finland and The United Kingdom.

Bgirls Do It Better III Jam Edition took place in OŠ Mirana Jarca 5th of March 2016 with a record audience. Again dancers from all over Europe came: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK and of course Slovenia. Workshops were held by Martha Lopez Saban (bgirl Movie One) and Katarina Shoaib (bgirl Tamala). Judges were 2-time BDIB Bonnie & Clyde winners bboy Vision & bgirl Nja and a true Balkan legend bboy Atomic Roc.

Bgirls Do It Better 2017

Bgirls Do It Better 2017

The 4th edition of Bgirls Do It Better in 2017 will also be focused on dancing in the form of jamming and cyphers, combined with getting to know each other. We will have our own GOR DJs to provide the music. This time we present you two cypher based categories!

Cypher Queen 7 to smoke:
During the jam we pick eight bgirls that represent best in the cyphers. The chosen eight “Cypher Queens” will then compete in the 7 to smoke battle.

Bonnie & Clyde on the spot:
All the bgirls that enter the jam will receive a Bgirls Do It Better sticker at the entrance. With the sticker they will have to mark the bboy they want to battle with – keep their eyes open in the cyphers and look for the perfect bboy to become her battle pair. When a bgirl finds the adequate bboy, she must hurry and slap that sticker on him as fast as possible, so everybody else knows he’s “taken”. This pair will then compete together in the Bonnie & Clyde 2 vs 2 battle!

Bgirls Do It Better IV
11th of March 2017 from 16:00 to 21:00
Osnovna šola Mirana Jarca, Ipavčeva 1, 1000 Ljubljana.
Entrance fee 7€ (includes registration fee for dancers).
Kids under 10 years old have free entrance to the event.

Time table:
16:00–17:30 Registration + cypher time
17:30–18:00 Bonnie & Clyde registration (last chance)
18:00–20:00 Bonnie & Clyde battles
20:20–20:50 Bgirl 7-to-smoke battle

Pre-party:Radio Nula × Tresor – Bgirls Do It Better Official Pre-Party

BDIB 2017 pre-party

We are inviting you to join us for a pleasant international evening of hanging out at Hostel Tresor – Ljubljana on Čopova ulica in the very heart of Ljubljana. We’ll be chilling with the sounds provided by Radio NULA and getting warmed up for Bgirls Do It Better IV!

Workshop with bboy Bruce Almighty (Momentum Crew, Portugal/Russia)

Bruce Almighty (Momentum Crew, Portugal/Russia) is the Vice Champion of Red Bull BC One 2015 and the winner of many international events. In the workshop Bruce Almighty is going to help you review new concepts in breaking and take your skills to the next level.

For more info contact us at: skd.gor.lj@gmail.com or check the workshop Facebook page.

BDIB 2017 Workshop bboy Bruce Almighty

Bgirl Gosia (Raw Bgirls Crew, Poland)
Bboy Fuego (Monstribe/Mighty Zulu Kingz, Bulgaria)
Bgirl Loca (Southeast Crew, China/Switzerland)
Bboy Kranskee (Flow From Below, Slovenia)
Bgirl Tamala (RPS/Flow From Below, Slovenia)

DJ LazyOne (TST/alkopoligamia.com/Warszawski Funk, Poland)
DJ Bijan (Croatia)
DJ Woo-D (Horsepower/SWS, Slovenia)
+ Special Guest: Miki the Drummer (Slovenia)

Confirmed bgirls/bboys
Loopi (Flowjob/Flexible Flav, Germany)
Evil Eve (Battalion East, Germany)
Marty (Momentum Crew, Portugal/Russia)
Bruce Almighty (Momentum Crew, Portugal/Russia)
Krazee Grandma (Sweden)
Rose One (B-Cones Crew, Finland)
Kid-T (Finland)
Dako (Flowtron Crew, Bulgaria)
G-Ali (Bulgaria)
Kaya (Bulgaria)
Marti (Flowtron Crew, Bulgaria)
Mdjara (Bulgaria)
Simbad (Flowtron Crew, Bulgaria)
Jozo (Lucijanka Lab Crew, Croatia)
AGT (Dance the World/Heartbeat, Poland)
Chadzik (Dance The World/CTGroup, Poland)

For more info about Bgirls Do It Better 2017 follow updates on the event’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

After-party: OneWay × GOR = A Night At The ZOO!

BDIB 2017 after-party

Bgirls Do It Better 2017 Official after-party Saturday 11.3.2017 at 23:00 at the ZOO, Tržaška 2, 1000 Ljubljana. Age limit 18+.

After-party DJs:
DJ Lazy One
DJ Saraieva
DJ K’Pow

Entrance: Voluntary contributions. First guests to arrive will receive a small BDIB gift.

Bgirls Do It Better 2017 Indiegogo campaign

The Indiegogo campaign for Bgirls Do It Better 2017 is now over. Special thanks to everybody who contributed:

Mimi Dee
Nathanaël Gill
Johannes Kompa
Jozo Kukavica
Tálja Përál
Mélanie Rutigliano
Katarina Shoaib
Linda Söderholm
Ozren Škondrić
Vid Vidmar
Emil Zgajnar

You can still donate or redeem your ticket to the event in advance trough the Cultural and sports association GOR’s PayPal account by clicking the button below.

Or as a bank transfer to GOR’s bank account SI56 0202 1026 0313 380.
With bank transfers please mention BDIB 2017 with your donation/payment.

Thank you.